God loves all people.

St. Michael’s Church in Thuringia, Germany welcomes you.

God loves all people.

St. Michael’s Church in Thuringia, Germany welcomes you.

Our Services

St. Michael’s Church offers an opportunity that would otherwise be missing in Thuringia: 

community and worship in a global language in a global world.

Our Mission

We are an inclusive community for Christians from all corners of the globe.

We offer an opportunity for all Christians to meet for worship in English regularly and join us in following the Episcopal
path of love.

Our People

People gather together at St. Michael’s Church for a myriad of reasons.

Whatever the reason, we are happy to have each and every person looking to pray and worship in a diverse and  inclusive community.

Where and when to find us

Evening Worship: Weimar

usually second monday of the month @ 18.00 (Please check calendar under “The latest from St. Michael’s)
Böhlaustraße 2, 99423 Weimar

Our priest and our cantor sing and lead us in prayer in evening worship.


Evening Worship: Erfurt

Thursdays @ 18.00
Augustinerstrasse 10, 99084 Erfurt

Join our priest for Evening Worship services, whether spoken or sung.


Eucharist: Weimar

usually fourth Saturday of the Month @ 17.00 (please check calendar under “The Latest from st. Michael’s)
Böhlaustraße 2, 99423 Weimar

With thanks and praise, we gather to worship and celebrate communion each month.


Our Mission & Vision

We provide an open, inclusive and welcoming environment for anyone of any faith community to experience their personal connection to and relationship with God.

The early movement of Christians were called People of the Way
and we strive today to be a people of the Way of Love,
a people striving to live a life of love towards God and others.

church services

Evening Worship

Join us one Monday evening per month in the Kreuzkirche-Weimar or every Thursday evening in the Augustinerkirche-Erfurt for worship that follows the Episcopal – Anglican Office of Evening Prayer


Join us on the last Saturday of the month in the Kreuzkirche-Weimar for worship that includes readings from the Bible, preaching, hymns, and communion.

The Latest from St. Michael’s

Worship Calendar Spring 2023

Worship Calendar Spring 2023

      Kreuzkirche Weimar Augustinerkirche Erfurt Monday, 3 Apr., 18h Stations of the Cross Meditation and Prayer     with music from...

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