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English as a second language is more and more common in our global world. Many worshipping with us are not from English speaking countries. Others are English native speakers. Our services are open to anyone. All texts used in the service (except the sermon) are printed in our worship booklet for easy understanding.

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Here at a University?

St. Michael’s Church offers an opportunity that would otherwise be missing in the area: community and worship in a global language in a global world.

The Universities of Erfurt and Jena are among the oldest in Germany and part of a large network of universities in Thuringia, including the Bauhaus University and the Franz Liszt University of Music in Weimar. All within 60 kilometers of each other! This rich landscape draws students and professors from around the world. For the relatively small population of Thuringia, a proportionately large number are from non-German speaking countries.

A People of the Way of Love

There are a number of things in our lives that shape and form us as individuals. In essence, Christian formation is no different. It is a compilation of our experiences, reflection, reading the Bible and the ideas and thoughts of others, learning, conversation, prayer, meditation, doing works of charity, speaking, singing, eating and drinking, and this is done while being a part of a community. This not only happens in community but is an important balance to the formation that happens in our individual private time.

The ultimate goal of Christian formation is the journey of following Jesus Christ and being open to what God’s unending love means for us individually and as a community. The early movement of Christians were called People of the Way and we strive today to be a people of the Way of Love, a people striving to live a life of love towards God and others. We also don’t forget that in order to love others we also need to learn to love ourselves.

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Worship Calendar January – April 2024

Worship Calendar January – April 2024

Schedule of Worship January - April 2024     Kreuzkirche Weimar Augustinerkirche Erfurt Saturday, 13 January, 17h Eucharist Every Thursday at 18h  Evening Worship   Saturday, 27 January, 17h Eucharist Saturday, 10 February, 17h Eucharist Saturday, 24...

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Worship Calendar December 2023

Worship Calendar December 2023

Schedule of Worship for December 2023     Kreuzkirche Weimar Augustinerkirche Erfurt Saturday, 9 December, 17hSaturday, 9 December, 17h Eucharist   Every Thursday at 18h  Evening Worship   Saturday, 23 December, 17h A Festival of Nine Lessons and...

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